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 Novel: It’s In the Blood

Author: Juanita Aydelette

Publisher: Class Act Books

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: Adult

Twenty year old Gabrielle Madsen planned on spending her summer with her aunt in Portland where she would be attending college in the fall. She never expected her parents to request her to join them when they went to Nairobi, Kenya to work, but she went figuring she would at least have an adventure. Unfortunately, the adventure was something she could never have imagined.

Hesitant to leave the hotel on her own ever since she encountered what she believed was a wild animal following her, she meets Josh Van Ness and his twin sister, Christina, along with Chris’s boyfriend, Mike. Not wanting to spend all her time alone at the hotel, she agrees to join the three of them on an unaccompanied trip to the Kikuyu Tribe, a tribe that very few know about. The second trip to the Kikuyu involved Josh asking Gabby to be his soulmate. Josh loves her and she has been fascinated by him since the first time she saw him.

A ceremony where they were promised to each other was way more than either of them expected. They are now able to hear each with their minds and he is able to enter her dreams. There is no doubt that Gabby loves Josh. She knows leaving after the summer would be very difficult, if she could even manage to do it. Her mother has been working in a hospital and when she returns to the hotel she looks like death. She never confessed to her family that she had terminal cancer, and she died shortly after arriving at the hotel.

Now Gabby has to do everything she can to help her father through this difficult time while trying to find out more about the man she loves. There are mysteries surrounding Josh and his sister Chris, mysteries she is determined to discover. The twins were adopted by Peter and Laura Van Ness when their mother died from a snake bite. When they discover the bite was from a snake native to Brazil and not Kenya, it becomes apparent that her death was murder.

Josh and Chris were raised with the Bakairi’s who believed that there would be a birth of twins destined to be the tribe’s next leaders. Years later, their mother ran back to Kenya to her best friend, Nancy. She originally wanted Nancy to raise the twins, but Nancy feared what would happen if she didn’t allow Peter and Laura to do it.

Gabby’s search for information leads to the knowledge that there is more to Josh and Chris than meets the eye. Nancy has information and she finally is willing to reveal it to the twins and to Gabby. Someone wants the twins brought back to the Bakairi, but who and for what reason? Is it true that they could be the prophesized miraculous twins? Where is their father and who was he?

The book was filled with one mystery after another, all answered. I truly loved the book when I started it, but it just became too long and drawn out and I found myself skipping over some of it. From the ending it is apparent there are more books coming and I do look forward to finding out what happens next.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis