THE AUTHOR  "It's in the BLOOD"

The Author: “Juanita Aydlette”


Welcome to my Sneak Peeks and Teasers for my upcoming novel “It’s in the BLOOD”, a powerful love story that will leave you breathless. Latch on to the dynamic characters that I have created for you, and plunge into their world of mystery, fantasy and magic. Their intriguing escapades will encapsulate your soul, giving birth to an array of emotions and incredible passion that your heart has never encountered before.

Writing “It’s InThe Blood” has been an incredible journey for me. Not only did it bring back the creative imagination that I thought I would never get to share with others, it also made me realize that writing is what I want to do. I have so many stories in my head. Many of them stem from childhood wishes and the desire to find a secret corner, where I can venture into a world of magical creatures and find peace with happy endings.  Love, magic, and never-ending happiness is something that everyone craves all over the world. I hope that my novel will find a place in your happy endings.

Take a glimpse–feel free to Indulge your imagination.

But Beware!!!!!!!! The journey doesn’t end here. There’s more to come!


“I”LL SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!